Thursday, 28 November 2013

Happy US Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day to my American Friends! Wish I was there!

I still don't have any real knitting pictures (they're coming!) but I really just wanted to get that last post off the front page. It makes me sound like a whiny little witch, and for those that really know me (beyond this blog), know that I'm really not like that.
My husband and son really did what I had always said to do - a card and flowers, and they did do all the cooking and cleaning up that day, so I can't really complain. The boy even asked me if I wanted anything, so they aren't the cold hearted guys I made them out to be.
I still haven't heard anything from my in-laws - they did call to ask about the amount of snow we had, but never mentioned my birthday. I should add that this woman goes over the top for her kids birthdays - the "kids" are all 50+, and she still wants a family dinner, complete with a money cake. (We don't often do it - it's hard to get 5 people and their families all in one place at one time...) So I will admit, this kind of bugs me, especially since we just had her birthday and we had them for a great dinner, complete with handcrafted card and orchid gift (she is starting to collect orchids - her condo has the PERFECT light for them). My SILs birthday is next week - can't wait to see what my MIL does for her! (And no, I'm not mentioning it to her - she would be upset).
I mentioned snow - we do have some - not a lot, probably about 10cm. Most of it fell last Saturday night - the night of our town's "Santa under the Stars" parade. And it didn't really FALL, per se, it came down in torrents - here's my husband at the parade:

(we called him Nanook of the North...)

And here's what our deck looked like Sunday morning:

This year is one of the earliest I have put away the flip flops! (Put away is a relative term - they are still in the hall... I'm nothing if not optimistic...)

Lots of knitting to show - I just have to get it in the same vicinity as my camera!

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  1. But snow is the perfect element for a Christmas parade! I had to laugh at the photo of your husband because before I scrolled down to see the whole photo, I thought it was a ball of some fluffy yarn!! Enjoy the money cake next week ;) Wendy