Friday, 1 November 2013

because we have the humour level of ten year olds...

I've talked often about our cottage neighbours - they are fantastic people, and we really lucked out when they bought the place next to ours. We spend a lot of time together, both at the cottage and at home, even though we live almost an hour apart. The kids are good for getting us together, as they often plan activities together.
What they aren't (especially the dad), is very handy. (Red Green, he ain't!) Don freely admits that he is not a fix-it guy, and depends on my husband for help with the little things that happen at a cottage. (He is a great guy for helping, anytime there is something to be done, so it all evens out. Plus his daughters bake the most amazing pies and stuff for us...)
So, back on the Thanksgiving weekend, when we were all about putting stuff away, and taking boats out of the water, I couldn't resist doing this to him.

We sent the boy up to his cottage to tell him to come and see - there was a big leak in the girls boat! (Gotta say, our boy pulled it off - Don came racing out of the cottage, to see us standing around, looking at the boat. It especially helped that my husband, the one guy that knew about these things, was staring grimly at the boat - if he was worried, Don was REALLY worried...
His girls were right behind him, saying they didn't do anything! How could there be a leak?

Easy. I put it there.

Yes, I'm a child. (and I totally ripped it off from the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 movie trailer.)

I'll give Don credit - he laughed right away, and totally got the joke!
We also knew enough not to stand close enough that he could have pushed us into the lake - which would have been a completely acceptable reaction!

He took the leek down to his brother's farm later that day (they were going there for dinner). The brother has had a lot of plumbing problems, and Don was going to use the same joke. (he did, and I hear it was equally if not even more fun.)