Wednesday, 9 October 2013

They were perfect! How could I resist?

While I was picking up the fabric for my leaf quilt, I saw these fantastic florals. I didn't need much, and the fabric store conveniently had some packaged up fat quarters, so I grabbed three. They will be perfect for gift bags for three particular people on my gift list.

My best friend:

she absolutely adores lily of the valley (as do I). After her parents both passed away, and the house she grew up in was being sold, she and I went over there and dug up a number of her Mom's flowers from the garden (the house was going to be torn down for a new monster home (but we won't go there - that's still a really sore point for us...) We grabbed peonies and lilies, and especially, bunches of the lily of the valley that grew under her bedroom window. Some is at her home, some grows in my garden.

My Mom:

she loves all flowers, especially pink ones. This fabric spoke to me, and I know my Mom will love this.

My Mother-in Law:

a HUGE fan of irises. She had them at her house, and now there are bunches at the cottage for her.

Each of these fabrics will just be a simple square bottomed, drawstring gift bag, and I will use them at Christmas.


  1. I need to get to sewing! I love to do it, but never seem to get around to it!

  2. Sandra, they are gorgeous. Each one more beautiful as I scrolled down.

  3. Well if those bags are half as great as the one I use covered in birds wearing little Hudson Bay Hats that you made to send my winning PJ's those are all lucky ladies indeed! (My fave is the Lilly of the Valley!)