Monday, 21 October 2013

Slowly returning...

The sling is off, and the arm is improving - I have a small muscle tear in my left shoulder. (Of course, it's my left shoulder, I'm left handed...)
I have been able to knit and do some stuff, but it gets tired very quickly and basically, it's just pissing me off. (that, and some other crap going on...)
I usually love October, but this year... not my favourite month!

One high spot was Thanksgiving at the cottage. The weather was beautiful, the turkeys (one roasted, one smoked) were outstanding, and we had an extended family gathering to celebrate my husband's uncle's 90th birthday, and to welcome his great grandchild. The baby is my husbands, first cousin, twice removed, and my son's second cousin, once removed. Don't ask me why I know this. It's things like this that make me a favourite partner in trivia games...
Anyway, I found out with less than a week that she was going to be at the lake, and since I (and most knitters I know) are genetically incapable of NOT knitting for babies, I took a dive in the stash and came up with some fabulous sock yarn - it wasn't a full ball (almost, but I had used some for something, though I have no idea what), and the ball band was missing, so your guess is as good as mine. I'm leaning towards Fleece Artist.
An evening or two later, and I had this hat and booties.

My kind of baby colours! I love seeing babies is strong colours - they look so good in brights and darks, I've just never understood the whole pastel thing.

The hat pooled and striped in such a fantastic way!

And the booties were simple shoes, but then I picked up around the opening and added the ribbing to just make them stay on a little better...

The new parents were thrilled, as well as the the grand parents, cousins, (first, second and removed to some degree...) aunts and uncles. I got to hold her, and while I don't really want another one myself, I'm happy to borrow one every now and then!


  1. What a great hat!! Love the colours :) Wendy

  2. Glad to hear the sling is off. Now keep babying the arm, no matter how hard it is not to.

  3. Oh I love these. Spectacular colours.

  4. Also, baby steps makes for a better recovery. Take it easy,

  5. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Hope you feel 100% soon.