Thursday, 10 October 2013

knitting update

The two honey cowls are done. Two sisters will be getting these for Christmas, and both are in their respective school colours.

They've both kind of thrown out the hints about infinity scarves, so I'm pretty sure these will be well received.

You've seen the blue one before, but here's the grey and maroon one.

It's not quite this bright red, but it is still bright. The school colour is really more maroon, but with her colouring, this red will look great on her.

I'm still going around and around on the striped silk/mohair scarf.
It's boring as all get out, but I love the colours, so it's not that tedious, I try for at least an inch a day, and often get more done. I'll probably take it to the cottage for the long Thanksgiving weekend tomorrow - I can probably make a pretty good dent in this in between cooking and eating too much turkey...


  1. Have a great Thanksgiving, Sandra. Knitting and turkey. Great times.

  2. What yarn is the grey/red one, it's stunning! I am currently working on my cowl pattern in a red/black/grey and love that color combo!