Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Going to (sort of) surprise a friend

One of my oldest friends is a watermelon fanatic. I mean a REAL watermelon fanatic - she loves all things watermelon looking, flavoured, you name it.
So when Deb of DyeHard Fibre told me she has a watermelon striping sock weight wool, I had to have it. (You can get her yarns at The Yarn Store in Newmarket). It stripes up in watermelony colours - green, a touch of white, pink with black dots, a touch of white, green... I was thinking of socks, but I think she would prefer a scarf. G was the first person to talk to me when I moved to Ontario, and started a new school midway through grade one - we stayed best friends all the way through high school and beyond. Different universities, and living in different cities doesn't stop us. We don't talk daily, but we are always connected.
I showed this to her on Facebook, and she LOVED it!
Now I have to find the time to knit it...


  1. That's pretty nice stuff! And no seeds!

  2. Beautiful yarn ... how nice that you've been able to keep in touch with such a special friend. I too have two good friends from elementary school, and we keep in touch regularly. Wendy

  3. Very pretty! They're going to be awesome! :-)

  4. Nice! Old friends are the best kind except for new friends. They are the best kind too!