Monday, 7 October 2013

Because my life isn't crazy enough...

On top of the job, the family, (regular and extended), the sewing and the knitting, I decided to get back to some quilting. For no other reason than I fell in love with the Maple Leaf Quilt Block.
Yup, that's the reason I started this:

I'm using three different colours - red, green and yellow, just to make it different. It may go to the cottage, it may eventually be my son's. Or it may just stay as a quilt top, as I've never actually machine quilted a full size quilt on my sewing machine, just baby ones. So I could either try doing that, hand quilt it, or send it out for quilting. Want to bet it sits around for a while, while I decide?

And there may or may or may not be another quilt top in progress:

Because, when someone gives me a charm pack (?? is that what it's called? A pile of 8 inch squares, all in coordinating fabrics??) I just had to try it out. (It's the disappearing 4 patch pattern, in case you were wondering...)

Would someone do me a favour? If anyone hears me say something like "a new craft? hey, that sounds like fun! I think I'll try it"... STOP ME!!


  1. We're all enablers here. Have you tried Viking Knitting? =^.^=

  2. Yep, you are indeed crazy. And obviouly a very high energy woman.