Wednesday, 30 October 2013

seems I can't knit just one...

These beer mitts are like potato chips - I can't seem to stop making them.
It's not that the knitting is that fascinating (it's just stockinette, after all...) but the more I make, the more people I think of that would like them, so I cast on for another one. Luckily they don't take long, or much thought - perfect for car knitting or basketball games. (the boy is playing in a new league this year, so I have a whole new group of people to freak out with the knitting - it' fun!
Since taking the above picture, I've finished the brown one at the bottom (my niece attend Brown University, what other colour would I make for her??) and have cast on another tonal brown one for her boyfriend, who is also at Brown. Then there's my brother and SIL, cottage neighbours, and our own cottage will need a supply... it's rather never ending...

Looks like my idea of having my Christmas knitting done by now has fallen by the wayside as it seems to do every year

Monday, 28 October 2013


the most sedate colourway Noro has ever produced...
Seriously, this is NORO!! (Kureyon, to be exact). I bought a few balls of it a while ago - It seems to have scattered about the house (as my stash tends to do...) but I did find this one ball. It is on it's way to becoming a (root) beer mitten for my nephew (he's only 16...)
And that picture was taken with a flash, so it even brightens the colours beyond how they actually appear - it really is quite dull, which is perfect for a guy. I think he might have a problem with the Noro I usually lean towards...

Friday, 25 October 2013

a visitor

We had a visitor on our deck recently. He was fascinating to watch, and the three of spent a great deal of time doing just that. We all took turns with the camera, and caught him in numerous poses. He loved the peanuts we left out, and got right feisty when we didn't replenish them fast enough for him!

He would come right up to the sliding door and peck at us through the glass, as though to say "Hey! PEANUTS, please!! NOW!" and wait impatiently while we put a few more out. (We didn't want to put them all out at once, as we have too many squirrels around...

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Going to (sort of) surprise a friend

One of my oldest friends is a watermelon fanatic. I mean a REAL watermelon fanatic - she loves all things watermelon looking, flavoured, you name it.
So when Deb of DyeHard Fibre told me she has a watermelon striping sock weight wool, I had to have it. (You can get her yarns at The Yarn Store in Newmarket). It stripes up in watermelony colours - green, a touch of white, pink with black dots, a touch of white, green... I was thinking of socks, but I think she would prefer a scarf. G was the first person to talk to me when I moved to Ontario, and started a new school midway through grade one - we stayed best friends all the way through high school and beyond. Different universities, and living in different cities doesn't stop us. We don't talk daily, but we are always connected.
I showed this to her on Facebook, and she LOVED it!
Now I have to find the time to knit it...

Monday, 21 October 2013

Slowly returning...

The sling is off, and the arm is improving - I have a small muscle tear in my left shoulder. (Of course, it's my left shoulder, I'm left handed...)
I have been able to knit and do some stuff, but it gets tired very quickly and basically, it's just pissing me off. (that, and some other crap going on...)
I usually love October, but this year... not my favourite month!

One high spot was Thanksgiving at the cottage. The weather was beautiful, the turkeys (one roasted, one smoked) were outstanding, and we had an extended family gathering to celebrate my husband's uncle's 90th birthday, and to welcome his great grandchild. The baby is my husbands, first cousin, twice removed, and my son's second cousin, once removed. Don't ask me why I know this. It's things like this that make me a favourite partner in trivia games...
Anyway, I found out with less than a week that she was going to be at the lake, and since I (and most knitters I know) are genetically incapable of NOT knitting for babies, I took a dive in the stash and came up with some fabulous sock yarn - it wasn't a full ball (almost, but I had used some for something, though I have no idea what), and the ball band was missing, so your guess is as good as mine. I'm leaning towards Fleece Artist.
An evening or two later, and I had this hat and booties.

My kind of baby colours! I love seeing babies is strong colours - they look so good in brights and darks, I've just never understood the whole pastel thing.

The hat pooled and striped in such a fantastic way!

And the booties were simple shoes, but then I picked up around the opening and added the ribbing to just make them stay on a little better...

The new parents were thrilled, as well as the the grand parents, cousins, (first, second and removed to some degree...) aunts and uncles. I got to hold her, and while I don't really want another one myself, I'm happy to borrow one every now and then!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

not ignoring you...

Canadian Thanksgiving was wonderful. We were at the cottage. Husband's cousin's granddaughter was introduced to all of us - the 5th generation of the family on the lake. (there are 5 cottages of us scattered around). I got to knit for her (I am pathologically unable NOT to knit for babies. Pictures soon.)

Meanwhile, I have injured my left shoulder (I'm left handed, of course...) and and in a sling, so just typing this is tough.
Back when I can functionally type... (I can actually knit with a sling! Who knew?)

Thursday, 10 October 2013

knitting update

The two honey cowls are done. Two sisters will be getting these for Christmas, and both are in their respective school colours.

They've both kind of thrown out the hints about infinity scarves, so I'm pretty sure these will be well received.

You've seen the blue one before, but here's the grey and maroon one.

It's not quite this bright red, but it is still bright. The school colour is really more maroon, but with her colouring, this red will look great on her.

I'm still going around and around on the striped silk/mohair scarf.
It's boring as all get out, but I love the colours, so it's not that tedious, I try for at least an inch a day, and often get more done. I'll probably take it to the cottage for the long Thanksgiving weekend tomorrow - I can probably make a pretty good dent in this in between cooking and eating too much turkey...

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

They were perfect! How could I resist?

While I was picking up the fabric for my leaf quilt, I saw these fantastic florals. I didn't need much, and the fabric store conveniently had some packaged up fat quarters, so I grabbed three. They will be perfect for gift bags for three particular people on my gift list.

My best friend:

she absolutely adores lily of the valley (as do I). After her parents both passed away, and the house she grew up in was being sold, she and I went over there and dug up a number of her Mom's flowers from the garden (the house was going to be torn down for a new monster home (but we won't go there - that's still a really sore point for us...) We grabbed peonies and lilies, and especially, bunches of the lily of the valley that grew under her bedroom window. Some is at her home, some grows in my garden.

My Mom:

she loves all flowers, especially pink ones. This fabric spoke to me, and I know my Mom will love this.

My Mother-in Law:

a HUGE fan of irises. She had them at her house, and now there are bunches at the cottage for her.

Each of these fabrics will just be a simple square bottomed, drawstring gift bag, and I will use them at Christmas.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Because my life isn't crazy enough...

On top of the job, the family, (regular and extended), the sewing and the knitting, I decided to get back to some quilting. For no other reason than I fell in love with the Maple Leaf Quilt Block.
Yup, that's the reason I started this:

I'm using three different colours - red, green and yellow, just to make it different. It may go to the cottage, it may eventually be my son's. Or it may just stay as a quilt top, as I've never actually machine quilted a full size quilt on my sewing machine, just baby ones. So I could either try doing that, hand quilt it, or send it out for quilting. Want to bet it sits around for a while, while I decide?

And there may or may or may not be another quilt top in progress:

Because, when someone gives me a charm pack (?? is that what it's called? A pile of 8 inch squares, all in coordinating fabrics??) I just had to try it out. (It's the disappearing 4 patch pattern, in case you were wondering...)

Would someone do me a favour? If anyone hears me say something like "a new craft? hey, that sounds like fun! I think I'll try it"... STOP ME!!