Monday, 30 September 2013

Somewhat annoyed

My camera is with my husband, who is at the cottage. I'm not annoyed that he has it - it's technically OURS, so he has a right to use it, and he needed it for some insurance type stuff at the cottage. I'm annoyed because he's there, and I'm not!
We're getting a new woodstove installed, and he and his dad went up for a couple of days to oversee it. I get it - it makes sense for him to be there, and someone had to stay with the boy (that school thing gets in the way, as does that small annoyance called MY JOB...)

But I'd rather be there!

And of course, that means I have no pictures - I've been working away on accessories, getting Christmas things knocked off the list. I've added a few more things to make (of course, I have...) specifically some Beer Mitts. I've adapted the Knitty pattern to fit whatever wool I'm using. There are a number of people at the cottage who have shown an interest in these, and they take so little time, and use up all the bits and pieces of wool I have sitting around!

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  1. Oh man, that sucks! You all should be up there.