Friday, 27 September 2013

product vs process

I bought some fabulous kid-silk at Kitchener - remember the lovely navy, orange and white?
My plan was for a scarf or cowl for my best friend, who had professed a love of this colour combination.
My first thought was - simple stockinette stripes, well, that means the knitting machine! Quick, easy, done.
But... loosely knit stripes in fine mohair silk, does not work well on the machine. At least, not for me. The ends were loose and raggedy, and to be honest, I wasn't enjoying it.
Then, I started really thinking about this. This is for my best friend. I love her to death and have for almost 50 years. She's basically my sister - her parents were my parents best friends. Did I want a "quick and easy" gift - no better than something I pick up in a store, or did I want to give her something from my heart?
Easy choice - off the machine - on the needles. I'm making a simple tube that I will sew up at the ends to create a double thick, luxurious scarf for her.
I'm loving how it's coming along...

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  1. You know, had you told me how much I would love the feel of a good quality mohair when I started this knitting adventure, I would not have believed you. I was convinced it would be itchy. It does have such a sumptuous feel, though doesn't it?.