Sunday, 15 September 2013

Kitchener Fair - the good and the not so good

Our Guild made out yearly jaunt to Kitchener on Saturday - jumped on a bus, and knit our way down. I was interested to see how it was going to be this year - it was a new venue.
Well. That was the not-so-good part. Instead of Bingemans, we were at the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium, known as the Aud. Great place for hockey, maybe not such a great place for a knitter's fair... While you could get into the building without an issue, getting into the arena where the Fair actually was, was a little more challenging. Personally, I didn't have an issue - I was near the front of the bus, met Susan at the door, and we got out tickets and got right in. However, if you were about 6 people behind me, you were not so lucky. The fire Marshall was there, and they were limiting the number of people that could enter. I guess they hit the limit right after we got in. I had no idea this was happening until a bit later when I met up with friends. They were pretty upset about having to wait, and I guess more than a few people in line simply gave up and demanded their money back and left. What that meant for Susan and I was that our lunch was kiboshed - we knew if we went out, we would have a long wait to get back in (some people told me they were waiting over an hour at the door!
I know, lunch is not the big problem, However, bathrooms were outside, the prize table (if you won a draw prize) was outside, and places to sit were outside the venue. There were a ton of pissed off customers, and vendors. There was one small food concession place with 3 tables. (yup, only three!) It's a lot to ask of people to walk around a hard concrete floor, and not give them a place to sit down.
I feel for the K-W Knitters Guild - it wasn't their fault the fire Marshall limited the numbers, but they could have provided a better seating area. At Bingemans, while the fair was split between two rooms (that never bothered me, but I understand it did some...) there was a very nice dining area and sitting area where a ton of knitters could sit and knit, then go back in to shop some more.
Myself and my friends are honestly thinking of not going next year if it's going to be the same. And I heard a lot of others say the same thing. We'll see.

Now the good!

And it is oh so good...
First off - it's great just to spend the day with knitters - Linda, Nancy, Margaret, Iqbal and the other women from the York Region Knitters Guild, and of course Susan - we meet up at this and the Frolic every year!
Second - yarny goodness!

I won these needles on the bus ride raffle - love them! square dpns in size 2.5mm!

Then it was sock yarn.
Cascade Heritage silk - this turquoisey blue with hits of copper and green - it really caught my eye:

And Linda was knitting socks on the way down - Biscotte et Cie "Poisson Clown" - i.e, Clown fish, or Finding Nemo, and I absolutely fell in love with them, so I had to buy it, then I found the same stripy Biscotte et Cie in a green instead of orange, and well, yeah, I had to have that too!

Since I finished the blue Honey Cowl, I knew I'd have to make a grey and maroon one for the sister, so we searched around looking for separate grey and maroon, until I found this Cascade Highland Wool in a mix - perfect!

And since I seem to think cowls are the perfect gift this year, I was sucked into this Alpaca kit for a Dipped Infinity scarf - they had one on display, and it was like buttah - soooooo soft. And while I kid myself that this is a gift, don't be surprised if I keep it...

This next buy is also for a cowl - but one with crisp stripes of navy, white and orange kid silk for my best friend. We met up this summer and I was wearing an orange cardigan, and she commented on how orange, navy and white is her new favourite colour combo. I tucked that tidbit away and will gift her with a cowl for Christmas.

Then I just had to buy this pattern - I absolutely love it, and am planning it in shades of black grey and white, as well as some others that catch my eye...

So, while the experience may not have been great, the outcome certainly was!


  1. How disappointing about the new venue. Hopefully the organizers will be listening to all the negative feedback and provide a better place next time. Your yarns all look lovely, but I'm really taken with the first bundle of turquoise silk! Gorgeous! You've got your hands full of projects now ... enjoy! Wendy :)

  2. Look at that clouds!

    My sandwich, while tasty, was a lonely sandwich. Sigh. Better luck for us next time!

  3. With how the whole thing started out and how poorly the event was planned it sure turned out well for you with all the goodies you got! :-) Hopefully, they'll plan it all out a little better next time and avoid all those problems.