Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How I felt better after the ruffly thing...

Thanks for all the commiserating on the ruffly thing I knit for my MIL. She loves it, so that's important, but it absolutely kills me that this family LOVES the fake fibre crap, and is somewhat indifferent to my favourite natural fibres. And it's not like I give them scratchy woolly stuff - we're talking silks, cashmeres, merinos, alpacas... all the good stuff.
But, I'm lucky in that while you can't choose your family (they came with my husband), you can choose your friends, And I have chosen some of the best. The family that has the cottage next door to ours is a great example - a couple with two teenage girls, and all four of them love and appreciate the hand knits. The Dad gets a hat every year (he's bald, so really wears the hats in winter), and the Mom loves scarves of all shapes and sizes. I often match them to her kids school colours, as she is very involved in both the schools. He youngest started a new school this year, so she will get a Suncrest in the Trinity colours for Christmas.
The girls are among my favourite people to knit for. They've each got school hats, and each got an Icelandic sweater for their birthdays this year.
They've shown an interest in infinity scarves lately ("Not that we're asking you to knit anything...") so one down, one to go.
The honey cowl (a fantastic free infinity scarf pattern) in Cascade Yarns Casablanca - a wool-silk-mohair blend.

Soon, there will be another Honey Cowl in silver and maroon, once I go to Kitchener and buy the yarn. I'm thinking MadTosh...


  1. That's a lovely scarf. Almost as a pretty as the other one. =^.^=

  2. Gorgeous! Way down here in Toronto the girls call those things "circle scarves"!

  3. That is a great scarf. The colours are striking.