Wednesday, 18 September 2013

another school hat

'tis the season for new school hats, especially since so many kids I know are going to new schools...
My son started high school, an got his new Wildcats hat, his best friend at the cottage switched schools, so she needed the new Trinity hat, but at Trinity, they are also divided into houses, and well, when she was at Trafalgar, I did make her a Hare House Hat, so I couldn't NOT make a Wright House hat...
Luckily for me, I matched the purple almost exactly (purple is a hard colour to match...), and luckily for her, I could only do it by using Alpakka. So she got a 100% Alpaca hat. And she loves it. I'm glad because I adore her and seeing her happy makes my day!

Sorry for the crappy, unblocked picture - I always end up giving these things away before taking proper photos...

This is the girl that I gave the TRINITY hat to - she wore it to school the other day, and I've been told that a TON of girls (quite a few upper class ones) came over and drooled over it. K was smart - she said it was one of a kind and made for her. She doesn't want anyone else having one!


  1. Nice hat ... lucky for you she didn't come back with requests to knit more!

  2. I girl to declare the hat one of a kind! She will always be the envy of the others.

  3. You are such a genrous knitter. I bet those kids love you.