Monday, 23 September 2013

Another gift for the Christmas box

** edited to fix some stupid typos...

As you know, I give away a lot of knitted gifts at Christmas. Although this year, the list is diminishing. I've come to the realisation that trying to get some of my family members to realize that hand crafted is so much better that cheap store bought is a lost cause. (My nephews on my husband's side want the right "label", and will take a crappy acrylic hat to get it. Drives me nuts...) Anyway, no more. This is the year that I don't even try any more - gift cards for all. (although, I will sneak knitting in - everyone is getting their name ornament). That's five fewer gifts I have to come up with. It's meant I can put a little more time into those gifts for people that like them. Like our cottage neighbours. Not only are they the best neighbours we could ask for, they have become fantastic friends - both the parents and the kids. The girls are each getting a honey cowl, Dad is getting a hat (in progress) (he loves his hats...) and Mom is getting a lacy scarf in the colours of her youngest's new school.
It's gorgeous Dye Hard grey (can't remember the colourway name, but I'm sure it's ingenious, Deb's colour names always are...) and the maroon is Ultra alpaca. I used my favourite Suncrest pattern, and expanded it a bit. (I like a big scarfy shawly thing...)

Of course, before blocking, it looks like crap, and is not very long

But, through the magic of blocking...

Gorgeous! (it grew from about 48 inches to about 68 inches in length)

I'm sure Nancy will love it!


  1. Gotta love the magic of blocking!

  2. From here over the computer screen the colours look like those of work socks. I love it. Very unpretentious.

  3. I am just going to have to knit me one of these. it looks just right.