Wednesday, 25 September 2013

And yet another gift...

The hat is done - it goes with the grey and maroon scarf, the blue honey cowl and the (in progress) grey and maroon honey cowl. Once the second honey cowl is done, that's an entire family of Christmas gifts done and ready. (by September! How annoying am I??)

I used a modified "Turn a Square" decrease at the top and love it. it looks great with stripes. It's a simple construction - Dalegarn wool, in the colours of his daughter's new school. (pulled directly from her kilt!) the luxury part isn't shown. I've lined the inside with delicious 100% alpaca (up to the top of the gold stripe, so the part that sits on the ears and forehead is lovely and soft.

I was taking a look at what I have done for Christmas, and what I still need to do, and since I have streamlined by gift list, I'm in pretty good shape. I have a bunch of sock heels to do, about 8 ornaments, and one fabulous scarf (to be detailed soon...) to finish.
I'm hoping to be knitting for myself very soon!


  1. I hope the people you're making these for appreciate all this beautiful knitting you're working through ... another cute stripey hat ... love the idea of lining it with alpaca ;) Wendy

  2. I didn't know that knitters could be annoying. Are you the first? :)