Monday, 26 August 2013

the kid is set for high school...

My son starts high school next week (Next week! I can't believe this summer few by - 8 weeks in what seems like about 3 days...)
Not that he needs this for a while, but the boy has a new hat for a new school.

The team name is Wildcats, and the colours are double blue. And the best part? I had this yarn in stash...

Some of his friends have seen this (I knit it during some baseball games), and are kind of envious. I made mention that all of them having one would be a little too cutesy matchy-matchy, which was enough to dissuade most of the boys.

I get the feeling there might be a few girls that will drop the hints, however...


  1. o.O

    Are you sure you want the boy matching a bunch of girls? =^.^=

  2. Double blue??? Gotta love what computer monitors do to colours. It looks like brown and grey!

  3. HA! Can't believe the boys fell for that line. Great hat.

  4. Great hat! I too thought it was brown & grey.