Wednesday, 28 August 2013

the big bag o' socks

I've added a couple of new pairs of socks to the big bag o' socks.

The autumnal coloured Turtlepurls that I adore (it's REALLY soft and squooshy...) and a "suitably subdued" blue for my FIL. He asked for blue, and when I showed him the blue I already had, he was a bit taken aback. He is NOT a bright blue guy (but he will get brighter than these, as well!) I found this dark blue silk blend in my stash and got the approval from him.
His birthday is September and Christmas is in December, so I'm set for him. He's the only guy who can make requests like that...
As I knit socks, I toss them in this bag
there are now 11 pairs in there, either for gifts or for me.

Only a few have heels, so I'm good for just about any situation - give me a foot size, and I need an hour or so to add the heels, and voila, a custom fit pair of socks...


  1. It's a Sock Emergency Supply First Aid Kit!

  2. Clever idea. A sock sack. 11 pairs. How many stitiches, how many hours? Sadistic - or fun to figure out and keep a tab on the hours and stitches in the sack.

  3. Wow! That's a LOT of socks! And, they're all so pretty! It looks so fun to knit them that way and add the heels later. But, I have no idea how it's done and I've never seen anyone around here do that. Hmmmm? I wonder if I could find a YouTube video? ;-)