Monday, 19 August 2013

back from vacation

...and wishing I was still there. I always seem to have a tough time leaving the cottage, but this time, it was REALLY hard. We had a great time - lots of time spent as a family, and with good friends. We couldn't ask for better than that. It's especially hard, since we aren't going up this coming weekend (baseball finals), and that will be the first weekend this summer that the boy and I have missed. (My husband missed a couple due to work travel...)
I read books, I knitted, I swam, I kayaked. We got every kid on the bay up on waterskis! (I debated going myself, but my 51 year old rebuilt knee was the voice of reason, so I stayed in the boat and took pictures). I drank margaritas, beer, and other lovely things, and I tried to ignore my work email for the most part.
I was often joined in the morning by either loons or this guy:

I finished Jenny's scarf (it will get a blog post all on it's own),

I worked on some socks,

I made a hat for the girl next door who is starting a new school (she had her kilt there, so we matched up the colours),

and I started a new hat fro my own kid, as he starts high school this year (no picture yet)

All in all, a great (albeit, too short) week...


  1. NICE. And such a lovely heron. I know what you mean about leaving. It really, really is hard. But the best part is knowing you'll be back soon! Looking forward to the blocked knits.

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! Congrats on all the knitting you accomplished too! Hey...we're exactly the same age!

  3. I love your buddy the heron.