Wednesday, 28 August 2013

the big bag o' socks

I've added a couple of new pairs of socks to the big bag o' socks.

The autumnal coloured Turtlepurls that I adore (it's REALLY soft and squooshy...) and a "suitably subdued" blue for my FIL. He asked for blue, and when I showed him the blue I already had, he was a bit taken aback. He is NOT a bright blue guy (but he will get brighter than these, as well!) I found this dark blue silk blend in my stash and got the approval from him.
His birthday is September and Christmas is in December, so I'm set for him. He's the only guy who can make requests like that...
As I knit socks, I toss them in this bag
there are now 11 pairs in there, either for gifts or for me.

Only a few have heels, so I'm good for just about any situation - give me a foot size, and I need an hour or so to add the heels, and voila, a custom fit pair of socks...

Monday, 26 August 2013

the kid is set for high school...

My son starts high school next week (Next week! I can't believe this summer few by - 8 weeks in what seems like about 3 days...)
Not that he needs this for a while, but the boy has a new hat for a new school.

The team name is Wildcats, and the colours are double blue. And the best part? I had this yarn in stash...

Some of his friends have seen this (I knit it during some baseball games), and are kind of envious. I made mention that all of them having one would be a little too cutesy matchy-matchy, which was enough to dissuade most of the boys.

I get the feeling there might be a few girls that will drop the hints, however...

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Jenny's scarf

Most of you know about Jenny - my friend and colleague who had a serious car accident in May, that left her with severe brain and spine injuries. She's been at St. Michael's Hospital since then, getting the best possible care, and has recently moved to a rehab centre.
She's still not really back, but there have been positive signs of improvement. She's in there, and desperately trying to get out, and come back to us. She reacts to voices and smells and sights, and is getting phenomenal care and therapy.
I felt like I had to do something, so I did what I like to do - make something special.
I started this Glamour Scarf by Fiddlesticks knitting, and worked on it on and off, but made a concerted effort to finish it while away on vacation. And I did. I cast it off while at the cottage, and blocked it when I got back. Now it's wrapped and ready for Jenny.
Blocking shots:

Wrapped on my mannequin:

I love this scarf - it's perfectly Jenny. Delicate looking, but strong. I can't wait to see her reaction!

Monday, 19 August 2013

back from vacation

...and wishing I was still there. I always seem to have a tough time leaving the cottage, but this time, it was REALLY hard. We had a great time - lots of time spent as a family, and with good friends. We couldn't ask for better than that. It's especially hard, since we aren't going up this coming weekend (baseball finals), and that will be the first weekend this summer that the boy and I have missed. (My husband missed a couple due to work travel...)
I read books, I knitted, I swam, I kayaked. We got every kid on the bay up on waterskis! (I debated going myself, but my 51 year old rebuilt knee was the voice of reason, so I stayed in the boat and took pictures). I drank margaritas, beer, and other lovely things, and I tried to ignore my work email for the most part.
I was often joined in the morning by either loons or this guy:

I finished Jenny's scarf (it will get a blog post all on it's own),

I worked on some socks,

I made a hat for the girl next door who is starting a new school (she had her kilt there, so we matched up the colours),

and I started a new hat fro my own kid, as he starts high school this year (no picture yet)

All in all, a great (albeit, too short) week...

Monday, 12 August 2013

pictures from Arizona!

an update from the last post - they arrived safely, and Wil happily posed in native surroundings with his "touch of Canada".

What a great kid.

And, they sent a good picture of the hat! These are people that will continue to get the knits - they GET it.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

crap! forgot to take a picture...

I whipped up a hat this week - the son of some dear cottage friends is off to Arizona - he got himself a scholarship to play hockey for the University of Arizona, and we're all very proud of him, He's worked hard for this.
They're all leaving Monday morning to get him settled, and Wil was leaving the cottage on Saturday to get stuff ready, so of course, I waited until Thursday before I even thought about doing something.
I hit the internet, googled University of Arizona hockey, found the colours, found them in my stash (not even just close, but the exact blue I needed! Yay for a huge stash...) designed the lettering in Excel, and cast on.
Blue, Red and White stripes and lettering, and two days, and I was done. I cast off late Friday night and looked at it, and loved it, but it was missing something.
Canadians are divided on this, but I"m in the camp that a Canadian Tuque needs a pompom.
In Canada, the knit cap is also known as a tuque (English: /ˈtk/; also spelled touque or toque), a word closely related to the French word toque, originally referring to a traditional headwear and now used for type of chef's hat (short for toque blanche, meaning "white hat").
There are many other names for a knit cap (see
"Other names" section below).
Most knit caps are tapered at the top; they sometimes have ear flaps, and may be topped with a
pom-pom (this style of cap is sometimes referred to as a bobble hat, toboggan or sherpa). Knit caps may have a folded brim, or none, and may be worn tightly fitting the head or loose on top, although the latter is considered more standard.
(although I NEVER call it a bobble hat... and for those unfamiliar with the term, it's pronounced "Tooke".)

Anyway, we got to the cottage Saturday (we're staying a week, so we came up in the morning rather than Friday night...) and I saw Wil packing up so I zipped over there to give it to him. Understand that Wil is a 6'3" 19 year old, built like you expect a hockey player to be built. I gave him the standard speech - "you don't have to wear it, you don't have to like it, but if you do like it, but would like it a little different, just let me know - I can change it up. Also, the pompom can be removed..."


He LOVED it! right down to the pompom! He called it his "touch of Canada that he was bringing to Arizona". He was wearing it as he finished packing his car. His Dad, who is a great friend of ours, also loved it, so it looks like I'm going to have to make another one for him...
Wil mentioned that it might become a hit with the team, so I made sure to mention that while his was a gift, all requests from teammates come with a price tag! I really don't want to become the free knitwear supplier for the UofA hockey team...

I wish I had taken a picture - I've asked Bob to get one of Wil on the campus, if he was sincere and was wearing it. If he does, I'll share it.

It's a beautiful day in the Canadian north. I'm typing this sitting on my deck, overlooking the lake, with a boozy coffee beside me.

Life is Good.



Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Still here! Sorry for the silence - I just haven't been able to carve out the time to blog. Between work, family drama, the boy's baseball schedule and the other detritus of life, I'm just not able to take the pictures, upload the pictures and describe the pictures.
But We are on vacation next week - at the cottage - so I'm hoping to have some time to do it all.
To be honest, my knitting has been boring and uninspired lately - lots of socks, and endless lace on Jenny's scarf (which will be GORGEOUS when done...) I've been sewing and doing other stuff, so I'll try to show that as well (I'm wearing a new hand sewn top right now, as a matter of fact...)
I'll try to do better...