Friday, 5 July 2013

Our hedgehog...

Our neighbours having hedgehogs is not the only reason I'm a hedgehog fan. I used to work for Sega (back when there was a Canadian office), and the mascot was this guy:

Yup, Sonic the Hedgehog. Star of many a video game I played when I was younger. We still have artifacts around the house from my days at Sega - a stuffed Sonic, his sidekick Tails, and other bits and pieces. Including my favourite jacket. My son is a big video game guy, so he's also a fan.
Therefore, he decided if we were going to have a hedgehog here, it had to be blue. (He said this with the utmost seriousness that only a 14 year old can deliver.)
So, our own Sonic:

And compared to the back of my jacket:

What can I say? I still retain my nerdiness...

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  1. Nerdiness = high intelligence, and those who claim not to have any nerdiness, are not remotely creative people nor are they smart! Love your Sonic, so so adorable.