Monday, 8 July 2013

I may have started too many things...

Project bags are good for corralling works in progress, however, they still tend to pile up.

Yup, that's seven projects on the go.
4 are socks:

An ancient Regia Galaxy I just recently unearthed.

Stretch Bamboo socks in the Galapagos colourway from Dye-Version.

Turtlepurls Burberry - her best seller, and I get why - it's so FUN!

and Turtlepurls unknown colourway - bought more than a year ago. This yarn is ridiculously soft and squooshy! Just lovely stuff...

the other 3 bags are larger projects...

My Noro Sekku Viajante:

My Grey silk/linen hoodie:

and Jenny's scarf:

The socks are getting regularly worked on, but the larger ones tend to sit. I'm kind of burned out on big projects, after powering through two full sized Icelandic sweaters since the Frolic. Although, I do work on Jenny's scarf quite a bit. (In Jenny news, there is some small improvements, but she's still not showing much brain activity, but she is moving a bit. We are still holding out hope for the best).
I also have a bag of fingering odds and ends that I use to make Christmas ornaments.

After all the ones I've made, I finally got around to making one with my own name.

These are a nice quick project while I decide my next big thing...
Or maybe I should just work on some of the ones I've started...

Come on, we all know how that's going to work out...


  1. Such lovely goodies. And the ornaments rock!

  2. Wow! That's a LOT of projects in progress. Have fun! :-)

  3. Love the unknown Turtlepurls colorway! Good luck finishing all your projects!

  4. I have a small plastic tote full of wips. So you aren't doing too bad!

  5. This would be way to overwhelming for me to handle. I can only keep one (maybe two!) projects going at a time or I loose interest. Good luck on getting these finished up ;) Wendy