Thursday, 27 June 2013

What a week...

Hi All, sorry for the silence this week - it's just been one of THOSE, ya know??

We were at the cottage last weekend - a totally last minute trip. My BIL had asked for it for him, his sons and some friends. Fine. Even though booking a summer weekend and stopping the rest of the family is kind of taboo - you can book a Monday-Friday, but weekends have always been open to all. But whatever... Then Thursday night, they cancel. Because it was possibly going to rain. Really. Personally I think that while the rain might have been a small part of it, they also realized that since no one had been there for a few weeks, the grass was going to need mowing, and there were other chores that needed doing, and lets just say that my BIL would rather fish than work (who wouldn't, but having a cottage means there is a certain amount of work that NEEDS doing...), and my nephews avoid chores at all costs...
So we made the last minute decision to go, and am I ever glad we did! The weather was gorgeous (about 10 minutes of sprinkly rain, and a bit overcast, but nothing that kept us indoors). the neighbours were up so we shared dessert, wine and some great card games, and the kids were in and out of the water the way teenagers are supposed to be. We got the grass moved, the planters and gardens planted and cleaned, and it's looking great for the long weekend.
But, being away last weekend meant this past week was a nightmare of things to do. Monday, the Boy graduated grade 8, and as part of the Grad Committee, I spent much of the day Monday at the school (I took a vacation day.) We got to watch the kids rehearse for grad (the girls all wobbling in their unfamiliar high heels!), and got the gym looking sharp. OF course, it turns out we spelled one kid's name wrong (the school provided the list!) so there was a last minute scramble to fix that, especially since the kid in question has THAT mom - you know, the one who would see it (and did, which is how we found out...), and make a stink about it. But, crisis averted, and all was well. (except when her son didn't win the Visual Arts award, which she was convinced he would, as she loudly said during the ceremony. Oy.)
But grad was great - the Boy made the Honour Roll, and the Science Award, along with a female student. After accepting the award, he went down the stairs first, which kind of made me inwardly cringe, thinking he should have let her go first, but at the bottom, he turned, and held out his hand to help her down the three stairs. Another Parenting Win! Quite a few moms commented on that to me after. Another great thing was his coach asking him to come back next year and help coach and referee the basketball teams - they only ask one student to do this - pretty proud of him for that. Then they were off to the Golf Course for a dinner dance - that was a late night for all of us, since I had to pick him up after.
Today is the "Clap Out" for the grade 8's. The whole school lines the hallways, and the Grade 8's walk the whole school as they are "clapped out" the school for the last time as students. I know he's looking forward to it, after 9 years of doing the clapping for other classes.
On top of all of what's happening with the boy, it's also month end at work, and there are other things going on there that have made life a bit "trying".
Basically, a couple of people I work with are morons. Especially the "sales director" who does not have a smartphone, and can't be reached when he's out of the office. (and that's one of his better qualities...)
But... we're off to the cottage tomorrow for the Canada Day Weekend, and I can't wait to get back there. We have a couple of birthdays to celebrate, along with our Country's birthday, a building project that will be fun and useful, and just a lot of time to relax and spend time with friends and family.
My best to all of you for putting up with my sporadic posting, and I promise some fun things knitted when I get back.


  1. Happy Canada Day Weekend - a well earned rest!

  2. Whew! What a week! Congrats to your son. I love the part of the story where he turned around and held out his hand to help the girl down the stairs. You're raising a good one! :-) Have a well deserved, wonderful weekend at the cottage! How nice it will be to go up there knowing that it's clean, mowed, planted and just waiting for fun, relaxation and, of course, knitting. :-D

  3. What a week. Indeed. What a sweet story about your son. So gallant. There is not near enough of that these days.