Wednesday, 12 June 2013

graduation practice

My kid is not a dress up kind of kid. He is all about comfort and doesn't care about labels or anything like that. If it's comfortable, he'll wear it.
So when it came to graduation, he was wary about the whole "suit and tie" thing.
So I recommended just a vest and pant combo - I had seen some of the kids last year wear it, and it was sharp. Plus, based on his rate of growth lately, I had no interest in buying a suit that would fit him just this one time. (We rarely have occasions that he would need one...)
So we hit a deal at a store that was closing in the area, and scored a great pants and vest, along with a shirt and tie in his favourite colour, yellow.
We were in and out of the store pretty quickly (which made him happy, as shopping rates right up there with root canal without anaesthetic as things he likes to do...)
But his grad isn't until the end of June, so I'm hoping he doesn't have a growth spurt between now and then.
He did get to give it a test run, however. One of his best friends (and our cottage neighbour), goes to an all-girls school in Whitby, and asked if the boy and a friend would like to go to their grad dance. Hmmm, the ratio would be about 5 boys to 30 girls... yeah, the boys were more than willing to dress on a Friday night for this opportunity!
So we picked up the extra boy, and drove out to Whitby, and met our friends at the school. Then we parents stood back as the stampede of wobbly, high heeled girls approached us, once they saw the guys! (It really was like a stampede - so funny! We walked in, the all of a sudden, there were 10 girls coming right at us. Even the boys stepped back a bit.)
We hung out at our friends house for a few hours until we picked up the kids, and then got the rehash of the night. Good times all around, and the boy's friend picked up about 10 new Facebook friends. (our kid already knew most of them...)

They are a good looking crew, aren't they? She was definitely the belle of the ball, walking into the dance with these two handsome guys on her arm!


  1. Smart looking group! And a great way for your son to feel impressive in his formal attire with a gaggle of girls swarming him! Wendy

  2. It brings back memories. The kid looks great.

  3. Awwwwwwww! I think "baby adults" are as cute, if not more so than actual babies! The trial run is a brilliant idea - its always surprising how much of a effort it can be for males to take it up a notch in the fashion department!

  4. They grow up so quickly. You didn't cut off the pants did you? There was a stage where some of my guys did feet in a month.

  5. They look great! Glad the evening was a success!

  6. Awesome! I'm sure they had a great time. How come you didn't stop by to say hello? LOL. Isn't that school gorgeous? We've taken tours of it, and my girls love the idea that there is a "castle" in our town!