Thursday, 6 June 2013

Checking In...

I'm here, everything's fine... but it's been an insane week... Lots going on (mostly good), and I've been doing a ton of stuff. I have pictures - I will post them soon...
The sleeves of the second Icelandic sweater are done, body will be started tonight.
I've made a ton of cards lately - birthday, anniversary, and of course, graduations.
I've even carved out some time for sewing! (Mostly hemming dress pants for the boy and some of his friends - seems I'm the only Mom who knows how to hem...)
For those that have been wondering, Jenny continues to show slow signs of improvement - there is still so much to hope for, and such a long road ahead of her, but she has the love and support of so many.

The best part of last week? After a trip to the batting cage with his Dad/Coach, where Dad was working on the boy's swing, the boy was none to happy with Dad telling him ANYTHING... They both came home kind of peeved with each other.
THen, two days later, at his first at-bat of the season, the boy SPANKED a home run over the fence! And not JUST over the fence - he sailed it into the woods beyond the park. It was awesome. One of his best friends was the pitcher for the other team, and he met the boy at the plate to high five him - that's a classy kid!
But the best part was the boy thanking his Dad for the help - "I could feel the difference, Dad - thanks for the tips..."


  1. Nice story. With teenagers, we take the wins when/where we can.

  2. I love how the story turned out about dad helping son with his swing. It's so heart warming when they thank us. :-)

  3. That's awesome! Congrats to both the batter and the pitcher - and the coach of course!

  4. Love that feel-good parenting!! Congrats on the home run for both son AND dad ... a real moment to savour (as well as the high-fiving friend!) ;) Wendy