Monday, 10 June 2013

Another project - put on hold

A sweater for me. I've made it before, and love it, but this time, I think I will change it up a bit - open front, cardigan style, as long as I can make it, long sleeves, maybe pockets.

I have three skeins of this silver linen/silk blend, and a couple of skeins of a pure raw silk that is a similar gauge in blues and greens that may work for striping if I need it.
But if I can avoid using the blues or greens, I will. I'm thinking the red maple leaf buttons I bought at the Frolic may just be perfect for this...

...if of course I ever get back to it. This sweater was started before the Knitter's Frolic, but then I got distracted by all the great stuff I got at the Frolic! Sock yarns! Lopi sweater yarns! Admittedly, there are deadlines for the Icelandic sweaters - One is a birthday gift for today (but we won't see her today...) and one is for a birthday on July 1st, so deadlines take precedence. Luckily, the weather this spring has been kind of crappy, so having a constant lap of hot wool hasn't been all bad...
I do want to get back tot his sweater, though - I really think it's going to work out well - it combines so  many things I love - hoodie, silk and linen!


  1. My table cloth is on hold because the short needle tips make my wrists hurt.

  2. Great sweater. And you are right - can't beat silk and linen.

  3. Great shade of silvery grey :) It seems whenever I have a deadline for someone else, all I can think about is the project I have in mind for ME! Wendy