Thursday, 20 June 2013

And even MORE sewing...

I should mention that most of these projects take at most a couple of hours. (the pajama shorts are a half hour each to make. Really.) So don't think I've been hiding in my sewing room all month.

This top is the next chapter in the "Brenda and I were separated at birth" story...

She made herself a dress in the same fabric a while ago for her niece's wedding, and when I saw this fabric, I didn't know that, I just knew I loved it. Then I posted it, and she commented that it was the same. Brenda, it's a good thing we don't live in the same town - we'd be dangerous together!
This is a tried and true top pattern that I make often - I've made so many adjustments to the originals (I think it's a long out of date McCalls) that I don't think it even resembles the original much. I was very careful to ensure that none of the circular medallions in the print landed right on a somewhat circular part of my anatomy - I've done that before, and I just can't wear the top! I looks so bad...
Then there's the tried and true pattern I use for lightweight knits - based on a favourite top I bought at Joe Fresh.

So comfortable, and easy to wear. I'm not sure how it would work in a heavier knit, but I may try it. I would also work in a woven, since the elastic gathers it in, but I worry that the woven might be too "balloony" - the soft knit drapes quite nicely.
These two stripe fabrics worked perfectly - I made sure to match the stripes over the shoulder and down the sides. I've had a couple of family members ask where I bought them - when I said I made them, one was "oh, okay." the other SIL was all "great - so you can make me a few?" Um, nope. Doesn't work that way... (This is the one SIl that just expects me to make things for her at the drop of a hat - yet does nothing in return (including saying thank you...)).


  1. Hey Sis. Thte tops look great. Glad those mean sisters are not related by birth - like us.

  2. What a crazy week for me - I've missed all your sewing! I'm caught up on your posts now and I love everything. My favourite is the aqua print blouse. And I like the drapey-ness of the knit tops! Can't have enough tops in summer.