Friday, 3 May 2013

What goes around, comes around

*Note - regarding our medical situation - things are MUCH better - still not completely good, but definitely better. We are still in a situation of disruption of households - all of us are doing what we can, while still trying to handle our own lives. But better is good, and we are working with that.

On to the knitting...

I learned to knit from my Mom, who was one of 8 kids. She and her sisters were and are incredibly close, both in age and emotionally. We can talk of family get togethers where the sisters all showed up in either the same style of dress or the same colour, without having talked about it beforehand.
Mom taught me to knit when I was about 8 - the usual stuff - barbie doll scarves, and rugs, using crappy multi-coloured acrylics. From that age on, I always knew HOW to knit, I just didn't do a lot of it. As i grew up,  I mostly sewed, then did some quilting, got into cross stitch in a big way, while still knitting things every know and then. I remember knitting sweaters in university, still using crappy acrylics or blends (Patons Shetland Chunky, anyone?), and every now and then would knit a baby item for someone. (Looking back on that paragraph, you'd think I was such a good girl during school - staying home and crafting... SO not reality! While I was an A student, I was also a jock, and I did my fair share of dating and partying... I enjoyed and continue to enjoy all aspects of life...)
Anyhoo, when the nieces and nephews started coming, then my own son, knitting was a better option - portable, easy to put down and pick up, and the fibres and patterns had improved so much since my acrylic days. I got back into it in a huge way!
Fast forward a few years, and I was spending some time with my Mom while she recovered from some surgery. While sitting with her watching TV, I would knit, and she got interested again. I gave her some wool and needles, and she started knitting socks again like she had never stopped. I guess the pattern was just engraved on her brain. She continues to this day - always with a sock or a scarf on the needles. (She doesn't like making sweaters, she says - too hot...)
Fast forward another year, and another surgery (minor stuff, but it kept her down for a week or so - everything's good now, and it's not her that is incapacitated now). I spent a few days with her, then her sister, my aunt came down for a week. Seems my aunt also knew how to knit, but hadn't in years. Spend enough time with us, and we can convert anyone it seems...
She also started with socks, then moved on to an aran cardigan for my Uncle (I need to get a picture of that), and these.
here's her words from the email she sent me:
On her last visit your Mom brought me a ball of wool from you. I thought it was so interesting that I wanted to know how it would turn out once knitted up. I made a pair of gloves (attached picture) and had a lot of fun looking how the different colours turned out. After doing the first finger I had to think about how to get the others to turn out the same. Lots of fun. Thanks for the wool.

I love that they taught me, I taught them back, and my Aunt is now re-teaching my cousin.

What goes around comes around...


  1. Have you heard of a game called Plague Inc? (The goal is infect the world and kill everyone off.) I named my infectious disease Startius. I see it's spread.... Nicely done.

  2. Such a great story, Sandra. It is wonderful to have like-minded, fibre-minded family members. At least it seems it must be so - I don't have any