Monday, 13 May 2013

Such a proud Mom!

Saturday was the boy's final basketball games of the season. (Just in time for baseball to start next week...) It was a bittersweet day - we are a basketball family, and love this league.
It didn't hurt that after two very hard fought games (semi-final and final), his team came away with the championship.

It's a great win, as the league had asked us to move him up a division earlier than his age would dictate. So this season, he was the only kid in the top division that wasn't in high school! I was worried that he wouldn't really make an impact, but that worry was for naught - he was a big part of the team, and I have the utmost respect for the players that welcomed him, and helped hone his game. They made him a better player, and a better person. If all teens were like this group of players, I'm happy with where the world is going.
But leaving the younger division was hard - he has a lot of friends there, as did we, and he enjoyed mentoring the younger players, and helping them with their game.
So it was great to see this - not only did his team win, the coaches of the lower division brought him back for this - The Gibber Award:
 It's only given to one player in the whole league.
Can't read it? Let me quote: (not that I'm bursting with pride or anything... (and yes, I erased his name in the photo))
"for his valuable contribution to the team by consistently displaying leadership, dedication and sportsmanship all with a positive attitude"
Yup - proud Mom here!
He also participated int he slam dunk contest:

He still needs to grow a bit for this - but I did get some pictures of the winner, who shyly came up to me after to ask if I got any good pictures - turns out I got some great ones of him, and he asked if I could email them to him! How tough do we think that was for a 16 year old to ask some woman to email him pictures?


  1. What a great way to end a favourite season for you!! Congratulations to your son, his team, and of course you-the-proud-mom!! It's nice to get awards, but even nicer when you know the kid who won it really deserved it, and it sounds like your son fits the bill. Enjoy riding cloud 9 this week ;) Wendy

  2. Congrats to the boy. What's nice thing to give your mom for Mothers Day.

  3. Congrats to the boy. What's nice thing to give your mom for Mothers Day.

  4. Congrats. I miss those great times with the kids. Enjoy while you can.