Friday, 31 May 2013


On Wednesday night at Knit Night, I had brought along the Fiddlesticks Lace scarf. Why I think I can knit charted lace in a group of talkative knitters is beyond me. Add in my French Mother's genetic need to talk with my hands to illustrate a point, and well you get something that silenced an entire circle of knitters... (sorry of the lack of pictures) but it was a lace knitting project with the centre 20 or so stitches OFF THE NEEDLES. Yup, yarn overs and all, hanging loose in a slippery silk blend yarn. It was ugly. Everyone stopped and stared in horror.
My first thought was to try and remount the stitches, and then figure out where the yarn overs were and make them again. But I had really yanked it, and the stitches had dropped two and three rows down.
So I got to thinking about this project. It's for Jenny - she has a very long recovery ahead of her (and the latest news from the family is very encouraging, by the way - We are hoping Jenny 2.0 (as they call her!) will be very close to the original Jenny), so there's not a big rush on this. I forgot that I seem to knit Fiddlesticks patterns tighter than they set the gauge for - even though I usually hit gauge with a recommended needle, these lace projects seem to be tighter on me. I had been looking at what I was doing so far, and it really wasn't opening up as much as I wanted the lace to, but I had done 6 repeats already, so maybe I should just keep going.
Wednesday night's debacle gave me the smack upside the head I needed. I ripped it all out, and instead of the recommended 3.0mm needles, I started again with 4.5mm needles.
It was the right decision. The lace is looser and more open, drapier as befits a silk/merino mix, and just nicer. It will be the lace scarf I envisioned for Jenny, and I'm so glad I screwed it up so bad to warrant a restart!


  1. LOL! And a slap upside the head to boot.Wish I could have been there.

  2. It's like the knitting fired you and gave you the push you needed!

  3. When bad things go good? lol

    I can't even do a simple sock nwith a purl stitch pattern in it at knitting. It comes home buggered every time. I think I can do ribbing, garter and stockinette but that is about it. And some days I only think I can do those.

  4. Yikes!!! Glad I missed that Knit Night!
    How is Jenny doing?

  5. Well done!! Doesn't that sort of thing just give you a good feeling inside :) Glad to hear the encouraging news on your Jenny as well. Have a great weekend Sandra! Wendy