Wednesday, 15 May 2013

not QUITE what I was after

The neon socks for the 14th birthday are well on their way. I bought this great neon coloured wool at the Frolic:
But when I knit it up, it kind of... de-neoned. I mean, it's still nice, and squooshy and soft and lovely to touch, but the colours (although they striped quite nicely), don't really call out NEON.
No one who sees them believes this sock came from this yarn...
Still nice, though. On to the second one...


  1. 'Looks like its that shot of dark that really brings the colour back to earth but as you say it doesn't take the fun out of them!

  2. That's so weird that the neon didn't stay as neon when knitted up.

  3. So it came out ne-yawn?

    Spinning fibers look darker spun up into yarn, yarn knitted up looks darker than in the ball, but sometimes the details of how that plays out are quite a surprise.

  4. Could you pair it with a neon solid to beefup the neon of it?

  5. Ne Yawn. Funny - but true. Not at all neon.

  6. Yea, sometimes colors wash out. That really sucks.