Thursday, 23 May 2013

icelandic sweater - done!

It's been a tough week as you can imagine. I keep looking at Jenny's desk and she's not there. But there are small steps in her recovery and they are in the right direction, so we are feeling guardedly good. She's still critical, and still in a coma, but she's young and strong, and I have to believe in her. It's really been rough, though.
Knitting helps. A lot. It calms me, and centres me when things start to seem overwhelming. We still have some family member health issues, and, well, there's just a lot going on. How do people cope when they don't have something like knitting or sewing, or SOME type of diversion?
The Icelandic sweater was the winner in the diversion sweepstakes. I powered through this, while also getting the neon-ish socks done. (I've needed a lot of diversions lately...)
I love this sweater. I love the colours, I love the mods I made, I love how it turned out.
The main mod was the neckline. Once I finished the colourwork charts, instead of ribbing and folding over the neckline, I simply continued the stockinette stitch ( doing another row of some decreases to pull it in a bit), and let it roll. It's a nice boat neck, not tight to the neck, so she can wear a turtleneck or even a tshirt underneath.
The bottom was another mod - again, no ribbing (I don't like the look of ribbing on sweaters...) So I started with a rolled stockinette edge and two purl rows - it.s  a nice look - nice and smooth.
The only problem is a minor one, and I've already taken care of it. Originally, I also bought Lett Lopi for another one of these sweaters for the sister of the girl getting this one. I bought browns and greens. Wrong. K doesn't have the colouring for browns and greens. So I went online and bought blue, pink and green for hers. A lovely heathered blue, spring green and heathery pink. Perfect. And now I get the brown - I think something similar to this, with a steek for a cardigan...


  1. Glad you have your knitting for a diversion! I hope that all keeps moving in a positive direction.

  2. I'm hoping Jenny keeps steadily improving! I agree, knitting or other handwork is a great way to relax the mind. And that sweater is pretty sharp and fabulous. What a great gift for the recipient.

  3. Love the sweater with the mods! Rolled hems really make it modern and young!

  4. (hugs)

    That's the best thing about making our clothes, we can alter anyway we like.

  5. Our needlework is a great diversion for sure...and non caloric! The sweater is just beautiful. I can't wait to see the new one in the pink blue and green yarns. This is on my list for summer knitting while we are on holiday in July. Great 'camp' knitting!

  6. I am thinking of you guys a lot these days. I know what you mean about coping knitting. No way I could get past things without it. If you get low on yarn ;),you know you can count on me to assist.
    Keeping you all in my thoughts.

  7. Hey- my separated at birth twin - both our blog posts are about diversionary knitting today. Mine for a purely ligh-=weight reason though. Glad to hear your friend is imporving.

  8. Glad to hear Jenny is staying strong. I started knitting during a 'coping' time, but it became too much of a struggle to learn then. Now things have hit a certain level and knitting is back on for me and enjoying it much more. Your sweater is gorgeous, and I like the rolled neck and bottom. I have a large head and always had trouble with the turtlenecks my mom knitted for me as a kid ... got them pulled over my head to about my eye level and then stuck! It's a wonder I still loved handknits. Enjoy your weekend Sandra! Wendy