Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Frolic - final post

You've seen the sock yarn, and the sweaters. (I think I have a lot of knitting to do...) The only other thing I bought were some ceramic buttons, because I can't seem to go to the Frolic and not buy buttons...
I really fell in love with the maple leaf ones, and the others, well it was a great deal to buy in bulk, so I did...

The other great thing that day was meeting up with Brenda and Marie. We've been "blog friends" for quite a while, and while I have met Brenda before, it was my first time meeting Marie. The four of us, (Susan joined us) had a great time, chatting over coffee, and comparing purchases. The way we were talking and getting along, you'd swear we had known each other for years. The true sense of friendship. Can't wait til meet up with them again at other knitting events. And I will remember to take pictures - this time around, at least Brenda remembered - go check her blog for a picture of Susan, Marie and myself. Oh, and Marie makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies! The BEST, according to my husband and son...


  1. Grilltech has yet to do a whole pig, but he does ribs and shoulder really well.

  2. I was thrilled to be sitting on the sidelines of your coffee meet up. Wonderful to see you all together!