Friday, 26 April 2013

Who's Frolic-ing?

Tomorrow (Saturday, April 27), is the annual Downtown Knit Collective Knitter's Frolic.
Basically - it's a huge marketplace of all my favourite vendors, with a few new ones (that become favourites!) thrown in every year. There are also classes on Saturday and Sunday (none of which I'm taking this year...), and it's a fantastic gathering of all things knitterly.
Susan and I are doing our usual - meeting early for breakfast - hoping for a gorgeous day...) then spending the morning surrounded by yarn and stuff. Sometimes we have a plan, some years we don't. This year we both have a plan - I'm on the hunt for Lett Lopi (hello, Camilla Valley Farms!), and Turtlepurl sock yarn, as well as some more Dye Version's Galapagos colourway - this time in a wool base. Susan has her own list - some yarns for a crochet project), ans we will be aiding and abetting each other. I need two sweater's worth of the Lopi for some teenage girl birthday gifts, and Susan is helping with colour choices.
I've also got plans to meet up with Brenda for coffee, and hoe to see others there.

Who's going??


  1. I'm hoping to attend the Creative Festival with both knitting & sewing goodies ... why do they have to have two great shows on the same day?!

  2. Totally going to be there with my bestie Helen!!

  3. Jealous!
    Can't wait to hear all about it!