Friday, 12 April 2013

The Cottage Easter Hunt

What they were playing for:

Waiting for their first clue:

Running through the woods, finding the clues:

How we set it up - we gave them directions (the kids had compasses) and they had to figure out how far to go. To get the numbers they had to figure out some mathematical puzzles...

using the chemical symbol for water, what is the number part of it? Add that to the square root of 25. Go that many decametres NW to find a clue.

the cottage road is 7km long. M and K can walk to the end of the road in 1 hour. J decides to run and catch them. He can run 3 times faster than the girls can walk. How many minutes after the girls leave will J have to leave to meet them at the same time at the end of the road? Head SSW that many decimetres to find a clue.

And yes, we combined decametres and decimetres - and yes, while some of the kids didn't catch it (the lure of chocolate made them rush), they did eventually figure out they didn't have to go far! (a decametre is 10 metres, a decimetre is 1/10 of a metre...)

There were other clues that combined their knowledge of gymnastics, baseball, hockey and basketball, as well as using landmarks around the bay. It took us (a committee of 4 parents) a couple of hours to work out the clues, then about another hour to set it up and place the clues. But it was worth it - the kids were running about for around 90 minutes, and were well rewarded at the end. (Plus, we did this over cocktails, so it was rather fun for us as well!) The best reward for us was the kid's over-abundance of enthusiasm for it all. I get the feeling that they really won't outgrow this for awhile... I secretly hope not - it's as much fun for us to set up for them! Plus, it gathers all the parents for cocktails and snacks while this is going on. And anything that brings together friends is a good thing in my book.


  1. Wow, not only does it sound like you set up a fabulous hunt 'looks like you "set up" fabulous weather to go with it! Impressive any way you look at it! Lucky kids!

  2. Wow! How creative. If your current job doesn't work out, you can get into orinteering.

  3. What a great idea!!! I want to play too (and I'll be on either the kids' team or the parents')!!!

  4. that looks like quite a lot of fun for everyone! Have the kids gotten into geocaching? Sounds like something they would enjoy.....I hope the family emergency is easing.

  5. (hugs)

    Hope everything works out.