Monday, 29 April 2013

Frolic stuff

So Saturday, Susan and I had our usual meet-up breakfast at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, before the DKC Knitter's Frolic started. No pictures of breakfast, but picture fresh St. Urbain bagels, cream cheese, and my butcher's smoked salmon. Delish!
Then, well fortified, we were off to the Frolic. I had a few things planned - I wanted Lett-Lopi for two sweaters, and I wanted sock yarn, specifically some of Dye Versions Galapagos colourway in a wool base. I also had plans to meet Brenda and Marie for coffee!
I came out with Lett Lopi for two sweaters, and lots of sock yarn - unfortunately, no Galapagos (she had none...) but I more than made up for it...
Quite the haul of sock yarn, that's for sure!

And up close:
Bright Neon! Manos Del Uruguary Alegria. Soft and smooshy, 75% superwash merino, 25% polyamide. These are for a birthday gift for a soon to be 14 year old girl. Hard to hate these brights...

Brown. But a deep, rich tonally brown. (Darker than what appears here...) I wanted a plain brown wool for socks for a guy, but I didn't want PLAIN brown. There are lovely tones in this Turtlepurl tonal.

Another Turtlepurl multicolour. Not self striping, just a lovely bright hand paint. Guy-ish enough (i.e. no pink), so any number of the guys in my life would wear it. (Except my father-in-law - he's still pretty traditional, and the orange might throw him off...)

Turtlepurls self striping in Burberry - yum! This is a striping yarn, not a hand paint. She (Turtlepurls) was brilliant - she had samples of all the self striping yarns knit up so you could see how they striped. AND... the sock yarn was in two separate skeins, dyed together, so you can match the stripes exactly. (Nancy! you can match them EXACTLY!!) Kind of a cool thing if exact matching is that important.

And nothing say spring like these colours - pale shades of greens and purples. Another Turtlepurls handpaint.

Seems I bought most of my sock yarn at Turtlepurl - what can I say? Her colours really speak to me.

Next up the Lett Lopi, coffee date and what ELSE i bought..l.


  1. Hey I just read Susan's comment over at Brenda's blog - I didn't know she was "Lucky Canuck"!

  2. Looks like a great day for you and your friends! Beautiful yarns ... especially like the green & purples, so bright and fresh. Now lots of knitting ahead of you :) Wendy