Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Frolic, part two - the sweaters!

So all the sock yarn has been added to the stash - they fit in quite nicely, and everyone seems to be getting along, all stuffed together...

I also hit up Camilla Valley Farms at the Frolic for some Lett Lopi - the lighter weight Lopi yarn that is perfect for sweaters. The two girls that have the cottage next door to ours (and are great friends), have birthdays in late June and July 1. The older one turns 16 this year, and her parents are planning a party at the cottage, complete with pig roast (that's where we come in - we've done it a few times, and my husband has even built a variable speed motorized stainless steel rotisserie unit that handles a pig, or anything else that large...)

So M turning 16 is a big thing. And deserves something special.

Like an Icelandic sweater. In grey, charcoal, cream and red.

I'm using this pattern, Afmaeli - a free pattern - as a base. I'm changing it up a bit - removing all the ribbing, and making the neckline wider. Rolled edges at the sleeve and bottom, and some waist shaping, to make this a more modern silhouette.

And because M's sister K is turning 14 around the same time, she is getting the neon socks from the prior post, and when she turns 16 in a couple of years, she will get the same sweater, with a slightly different colour combo.
Browns with a hit of green. Still kind of traditional, but the pop of green will liven it up.

Tomorrow - the last of the purchases, and the best meet up ever!


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