Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Drive by posting...

Quick snippets of life...

the family health crisis continues - thanks SO MUCH to those who left comments or emails - your caring thoughts mean a ton. Things are basically status quo - things are sort of improving (they are not as dire as they were at one point), but there's still a lot of uncertainty and problems.
I can't really be more specific - it's not my health, and I have to respect privacy.

Someone was asking about a machine knit scarf pattern I talked about - sorry I didn't go back to see who it was, but I got it from Brenda, and she mentions it here...

I've restocked for summer:

just in time for a winter storm warning to come our way for tomorrow - really Mother Nature? You think this is funny??


  1. Sending healing thoughts to your family member!

    We've had flip flopping weather more than we've had a chance to wear flip flops yet. Can't wait for warmth to stick around for a while.

  2. Hope everything gets better with your family situation.

    We have a snow warning too. Good thing I didn't take the winter tires off the car yet. Sigh. Ready to be done with winter.

  3. Yes and no. But I am still thinking and hoping for better for you and yours.

  4. That was me asking about the MK scarf :) I've actually made several of that pattern. It's a great pattern, with many different possibilities (knit loose, or knit snug, etc).
    Maybe you should knit some tabi socks...