Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Crazy Cottage Kids

The kids on our bay have had a tradition for the last few years. They have bookended the summer by swimming at Easter and at Thanksgiving. The last few years, this has not been much of a factor - Easter has been later in April, and has been ridiculously warm, and Thanksgiving has been the same. (It's been very odd doing a turkey or a ham with all the trimmings while wearing shorts and a t-shirt.)
This year, however, Easter was at the end of March, and while it is showing signs of more spring-like weather, we still had about 22 inches of ice on the lake. That's a lot. (One good week of rain and warm weather, and it will disappear pretty quickly, but for now, there's still a lot of ice).
The kids spent much of Friday doing this:

Then there was talk on Saturday of actually going in. So once we completed the Easter Egg hunt (more on that later), there was a gathering on the lake.

Smart People: (note the appropriate cottage gear - boots, lots of plaid, lots of hats - we're nothing if not predictable...)

Not So Smart People:

Then there was this:
(that's my son dunking himself...)
There was more of that - 4 kids ended up going in, one got in as far as her ankle then gave up.
Then there was the mad rush for the sauna!
Tradition is very strong with these kids...


  1. They can keep their traditions ... I'd rather be one of the 'smart' crowd. Good for a photo shoot though. Wendy

  2. Yikes! Crazy kids is right! Brrrrrr!

  3. I can almost hear them now, 40 or 50 years hence telling the story about that Easter they "swam" in a hole in the ice!

  4. Brrrr, I would be the one waving at them from the hottub/sauna/indoors! I am a total wimp.

  5. They will never ever forget this and your name as best parents ever will stand as long.

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  7. But what about the replacement hat you knit for the neighbours????? Did he find it? Did he like it (ok, that was a stupid question...)