Monday, 8 April 2013

cottage knitting

I did get lots of knitting done at the cottage - I finished the cowl for a friend, and it needs blocking.

And when I say I finished it, I mean I eked it out, with just enough to spare...

It's lovely and soft and gorgeous, and I know she'll love it for itself, not just for what it stands for.
It's nice double wrapped,

 or worn long,
(the colour is much closer to the top photos - a bright turquoise-y blue with tints of green...)
I also finished up a pair of socks for the gift box. Dye Version merino wool in the colourway Merlin.

(that reminds me, I have the two part Merlin series finale on my PVR - must watch!!) - edited to add - I watched it! Fantastic! Now I'm pissed the series is over...

Just a note - we've had a bit of an extended family situation - a family member is in hospital, and while at the moment, the situation is no longer dire, things are still day to day. Posting will be sporadic while we work through this. Thankfully, I have knitting to help me cope. Some of my in-laws could do well by having something to help - their stress levels are astronomic...


  1. Sorry to hear that a family member is in the hospital. Glad things are a bit better. I hope they'll be ok. Sending some positive thoughts and prayers. Knitting is such a great thing to have while waiting at the hospital. Take care!

    The cowl looks great!

  2. I'll be thinking of all of you.