Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Frolic, part two - the sweaters!

So all the sock yarn has been added to the stash - they fit in quite nicely, and everyone seems to be getting along, all stuffed together...

I also hit up Camilla Valley Farms at the Frolic for some Lett Lopi - the lighter weight Lopi yarn that is perfect for sweaters. The two girls that have the cottage next door to ours (and are great friends), have birthdays in late June and July 1. The older one turns 16 this year, and her parents are planning a party at the cottage, complete with pig roast (that's where we come in - we've done it a few times, and my husband has even built a variable speed motorized stainless steel rotisserie unit that handles a pig, or anything else that large...)

So M turning 16 is a big thing. And deserves something special.

Like an Icelandic sweater. In grey, charcoal, cream and red.

I'm using this pattern, Afmaeli - a free pattern - as a base. I'm changing it up a bit - removing all the ribbing, and making the neckline wider. Rolled edges at the sleeve and bottom, and some waist shaping, to make this a more modern silhouette.

And because M's sister K is turning 14 around the same time, she is getting the neon socks from the prior post, and when she turns 16 in a couple of years, she will get the same sweater, with a slightly different colour combo.
Browns with a hit of green. Still kind of traditional, but the pop of green will liven it up.

Tomorrow - the last of the purchases, and the best meet up ever!


Monday, 29 April 2013

Frolic stuff

So Saturday, Susan and I had our usual meet-up breakfast at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, before the DKC Knitter's Frolic started. No pictures of breakfast, but picture fresh St. Urbain bagels, cream cheese, and my butcher's smoked salmon. Delish!
Then, well fortified, we were off to the Frolic. I had a few things planned - I wanted Lett-Lopi for two sweaters, and I wanted sock yarn, specifically some of Dye Versions Galapagos colourway in a wool base. I also had plans to meet Brenda and Marie for coffee!
I came out with Lett Lopi for two sweaters, and lots of sock yarn - unfortunately, no Galapagos (she had none...) but I more than made up for it...
Quite the haul of sock yarn, that's for sure!

And up close:
Bright Neon! Manos Del Uruguary Alegria. Soft and smooshy, 75% superwash merino, 25% polyamide. These are for a birthday gift for a soon to be 14 year old girl. Hard to hate these brights...

Brown. But a deep, rich tonally brown. (Darker than what appears here...) I wanted a plain brown wool for socks for a guy, but I didn't want PLAIN brown. There are lovely tones in this Turtlepurl tonal.

Another Turtlepurl multicolour. Not self striping, just a lovely bright hand paint. Guy-ish enough (i.e. no pink), so any number of the guys in my life would wear it. (Except my father-in-law - he's still pretty traditional, and the orange might throw him off...)

Turtlepurls self striping in Burberry - yum! This is a striping yarn, not a hand paint. She (Turtlepurls) was brilliant - she had samples of all the self striping yarns knit up so you could see how they striped. AND... the sock yarn was in two separate skeins, dyed together, so you can match the stripes exactly. (Nancy! you can match them EXACTLY!!) Kind of a cool thing if exact matching is that important.

And nothing say spring like these colours - pale shades of greens and purples. Another Turtlepurls handpaint.

Seems I bought most of my sock yarn at Turtlepurl - what can I say? Her colours really speak to me.

Next up the Lett Lopi, coffee date and what ELSE i bought..l.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Who's Frolic-ing?

Tomorrow (Saturday, April 27), is the annual Downtown Knit Collective Knitter's Frolic.
Basically - it's a huge marketplace of all my favourite vendors, with a few new ones (that become favourites!) thrown in every year. There are also classes on Saturday and Sunday (none of which I'm taking this year...), and it's a fantastic gathering of all things knitterly.
Susan and I are doing our usual - meeting early for breakfast - hoping for a gorgeous day...) then spending the morning surrounded by yarn and stuff. Sometimes we have a plan, some years we don't. This year we both have a plan - I'm on the hunt for Lett Lopi (hello, Camilla Valley Farms!), and Turtlepurl sock yarn, as well as some more Dye Version's Galapagos colourway - this time in a wool base. Susan has her own list - some yarns for a crochet project), ans we will be aiding and abetting each other. I need two sweater's worth of the Lopi for some teenage girl birthday gifts, and Susan is helping with colour choices.
I've also got plans to meet up with Brenda for coffee, and hoe to see others there.

Who's going??

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

a pattern so nice, I made it twice

I was at knit night at the Yarn Store a few weeks ago, and they were displaying some new yarns. Everyone knows I'm a sucker for new yarns, so I had to try them out.

Cascade Casablanca and Estelle Sakura Silk

the Casablanca is a 59% wool - 24% silk - 17% mohair blend, and the Sakura is 50% silk - 30% cotton - 20% acrylic.

I knit both using the Urban Lace Infinity scarf pattern (free with the yarn purchase!) - basically, a feather and fan length that is grafted together. So easy and nice - I knit both in a week (Only the Casablanca one got blocked in time for the next knit night...)

They are both gorgeous and fun. Both will be going into the gift box, and both will find a great home at some time this year. There's a few other colours in both yarns that I love - who knows?

Monday, 22 April 2013

SO close!

My blanket is almost done...

I still have a few ends to sew in,

and there is discussion of a border. The Knit Night-ers have all had opinions, and I have to agree with Deb - a few rows of double crochet around the whole thing will give the edges some stability - I'm thinking one row of the Noro I have left over, then a couple of rows of black to ground it.

As it is, it's usable, and will probably live right here in our bedroom. While I give away most of what I knit, I have no overwhelming urge to gift this. I want to keep it!

Friday, 12 April 2013

The Cottage Easter Hunt

What they were playing for:

Waiting for their first clue:

Running through the woods, finding the clues:

How we set it up - we gave them directions (the kids had compasses) and they had to figure out how far to go. To get the numbers they had to figure out some mathematical puzzles...

using the chemical symbol for water, what is the number part of it? Add that to the square root of 25. Go that many decametres NW to find a clue.

the cottage road is 7km long. M and K can walk to the end of the road in 1 hour. J decides to run and catch them. He can run 3 times faster than the girls can walk. How many minutes after the girls leave will J have to leave to meet them at the same time at the end of the road? Head SSW that many decimetres to find a clue.

And yes, we combined decametres and decimetres - and yes, while some of the kids didn't catch it (the lure of chocolate made them rush), they did eventually figure out they didn't have to go far! (a decametre is 10 metres, a decimetre is 1/10 of a metre...)

There were other clues that combined their knowledge of gymnastics, baseball, hockey and basketball, as well as using landmarks around the bay. It took us (a committee of 4 parents) a couple of hours to work out the clues, then about another hour to set it up and place the clues. But it was worth it - the kids were running about for around 90 minutes, and were well rewarded at the end. (Plus, we did this over cocktails, so it was rather fun for us as well!) The best reward for us was the kid's over-abundance of enthusiasm for it all. I get the feeling that they really won't outgrow this for awhile... I secretly hope not - it's as much fun for us to set up for them! Plus, it gathers all the parents for cocktails and snacks while this is going on. And anything that brings together friends is a good thing in my book.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Drive by posting...

Quick snippets of life...

the family health crisis continues - thanks SO MUCH to those who left comments or emails - your caring thoughts mean a ton. Things are basically status quo - things are sort of improving (they are not as dire as they were at one point), but there's still a lot of uncertainty and problems.
I can't really be more specific - it's not my health, and I have to respect privacy.

Someone was asking about a machine knit scarf pattern I talked about - sorry I didn't go back to see who it was, but I got it from Brenda, and she mentions it here...


I've restocked for summer:

just in time for a winter storm warning to come our way for tomorrow - really Mother Nature? You think this is funny??

Monday, 8 April 2013

cottage knitting

I did get lots of knitting done at the cottage - I finished the cowl for a friend, and it needs blocking.

And when I say I finished it, I mean I eked it out, with just enough to spare...

It's lovely and soft and gorgeous, and I know she'll love it for itself, not just for what it stands for.
It's nice double wrapped,

 or worn long,
(the colour is much closer to the top photos - a bright turquoise-y blue with tints of green...)
I also finished up a pair of socks for the gift box. Dye Version merino wool in the colourway Merlin.

(that reminds me, I have the two part Merlin series finale on my PVR - must watch!!) - edited to add - I watched it! Fantastic! Now I'm pissed the series is over...

Just a note - we've had a bit of an extended family situation - a family member is in hospital, and while at the moment, the situation is no longer dire, things are still day to day. Posting will be sporadic while we work through this. Thankfully, I have knitting to help me cope. Some of my in-laws could do well by having something to help - their stress levels are astronomic...

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Crazy Cottage Kids

The kids on our bay have had a tradition for the last few years. They have bookended the summer by swimming at Easter and at Thanksgiving. The last few years, this has not been much of a factor - Easter has been later in April, and has been ridiculously warm, and Thanksgiving has been the same. (It's been very odd doing a turkey or a ham with all the trimmings while wearing shorts and a t-shirt.)
This year, however, Easter was at the end of March, and while it is showing signs of more spring-like weather, we still had about 22 inches of ice on the lake. That's a lot. (One good week of rain and warm weather, and it will disappear pretty quickly, but for now, there's still a lot of ice).
The kids spent much of Friday doing this:

Then there was talk on Saturday of actually going in. So once we completed the Easter Egg hunt (more on that later), there was a gathering on the lake.

Smart People: (note the appropriate cottage gear - boots, lots of plaid, lots of hats - we're nothing if not predictable...)

Not So Smart People:

Then there was this:
(that's my son dunking himself...)
There was more of that - 4 kids ended up going in, one got in as far as her ankle then gave up.
Then there was the mad rush for the sauna!
Tradition is very strong with these kids...

Monday, 1 April 2013

Lots going on...

Easter at the cottage was fantastic. Great friends, family and food. The kids had a blast with the hunt we set for them, and there was even swimming (sort of)!
I've got to sort through the pictures,  and that takes time. And time is short this week - at work, it's our fiscal end of quarter, so there's lots to do there, and at home, I'm a single parent this week, as the husband is in Halifax on business, missing his birthday and our anniversary as well. Oh well.
Of course, the Boy has a busy week of stuff going on, so I'm on the hook for driving him hither and yon.
I will get back to you, but in the grand scheme of things, the blog falls a little lower down the list than I like it to. It doesn't pay my salary, nor does it drive my kid to activities, or do laundry.
I'll post when I can!