Wednesday, 6 March 2013

replacement hat

We have the best neighbours at the cottage - the kids get along tremendously, and we parents have become quite good friends. Don and I share a love of Trivia, and try to rope in anyone to play Trivial Pursuit with us (alas, we have very few takers...), and we often get together for cocktails, dinner or cards. Next week is March Break, and I will be there with the Boy, and Nancy will be there with her girls, and the husbands will be there for part of the time. Nancy and I together means we will combine on dinners, and drink a fair bit of wine. (we aren't driving anywhere, so as long as we can walk, we're good...)
For Christmas a couple of years ago, I knit Don a hat - 100% alpaca, fair isle. He loved it, and wore it all the time.He even hand washed it! Then this year at Christmas, I noticed he wasn't wearing it. He was wearing the new hat I had made him, so it's not like I was upset, but he was saying that this one wasn't nearly as warm as the alpaca. So I asked "why not wear the alpaca?" He pointedly looked at his wife, who blurted out "I'm SO SORRY!" I accidentally washed it! I can't believe I did that!" She was so upset, and I kept telling her not a problem - it's just a hat.
Well. Not only are these great people, they do a ton of stuff for the kids and any time I can find a chance to do something nice for them, I jump at it.
Hence the replacement hat.

It's the same 100% alpaca, and the same pattern. The only difference is the green. I had enough of the same blue, but could not find the same grey green I used the first time, but I did have this lime-ish green.
I really wanted it for when we see them next weekend, so I powered through it this weekend, steamed it, and voila!
One replacement hat, ready for giving.
I think I will just hang it on the hooks in their cottage with all their gear and see if he notices.


  1. Great hat and I love the colours. Manly but with a twist! I love colourwork projects.

    Trivial Pursuit? Love that game, so much fun and you learn a lot of cool facts when you lose.

  2. That's funny! Love how he just looked at her. =^.^=

  3. You are such a fun neighbour! I feel so bad - I am kind of a cottage hermit preferring formal invitation-prompted socializing to the more usual cottage drop in kind of thing. I come by it honestly - from a long line of cottage hermits - it must be genetic - 'seems both our kids have it too!

    Fab hat BTW!

  4. What a gorgeous hat! Such a great pattern! I did this once with a hat, but all was not lost in the end ... I cut the hat into coasters using the pattern as the centre. You're all very lucky to have each other as friends & neighbours :) Wendy

  5. Hee Hee. I love the idea of just hanging it on the hook to see if he notices. Nice hat.

  6. Let us know if he notices!

    Great hat!

    Spring break is this week here. ;)