Friday, 8 March 2013

Muslin, my butt! This is wearable!

I got a ton of new patterns recently, and wanted to try some knit tops. This pattern - Butterick 5523 - is for a dress, and for Moderate Stretch Knits.
I wanted a long sleeve top, and not in a heavy moderate stretch knit, but lighter. So I pulled this cotton blend jersey I had to try it out. I figured if it didn't work out - no biggie, I'd be out about $10 of fabric.
But just in case, I did attempt to match the stripes - muslin or not, if it worked, I wanted it to look good.
And it did work!

I like the cowl neck - it's not too heavy or large, and it suits the long sleeves and the gathered empire waist.
And look at that stripe matching at the sleeve!

I have cut about 4 inches off the bottom of this, and it does actually hang better on me than on the mannequin.
I'm very pleased with this, and will probably make more of them, even in dress length.
***edited to add - I will take out some of the gathered width of the skirt part next time around - after a wearing, it did seem a bit baggy. But overall, a definite win!
But next up - linen!

Because doesn't everyone think of summery lined in snowy March?

We're headed to the cottage this weekend, for the week (March Break). I will be on line, and will try and post when I can. I'm planning on taking a lot of WIPS - maybe I'll actually complete a few...


  1. Great looking top ... nice matching stripes too! This looks perfect for hanging out at the cottage. Enjoy your week :) Wendy

  2. Have a good trip! (See you next fall!!)

  3. I love your new top. Love the cowl. Love the summery look. Love the great stripe matching job. Can I hire you?

  4. What a great pattern! And the top looks like s sure win to me.

  5. Nice top! You did an amazing job matching the stripes! It looks comfy too. Enjoy your new top and your week at the cottage.

  6. Good job on the stripe! Have fun at the cottage