Tuesday, 26 March 2013

It's my Mom's birthday!

Not that means a whole lot to most of you. And wishing her a happy birthday here doesn't make a lot of sense, since she doesn't read this blog. (actually doesn't even know it exists...) But she taught me to knit when I was about 8, and I re-taught her a few years back. She is never without a project now, so I feel like it has come full circle.

She's 81, looks 61, and acts 41. She goes to 3 senior exercise classes a week, and still lives in the same 3 storey house we grew up in. We lost my Dad 18 years ago, and I really wasn't sure how she'd cope. She surprised me, (and a lot of other people). She has a house in Florida, and spends part of the winter there. (But not February and March - she will not miss her three grandsons' birthdays in those months).

But I love her dearly, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!


  1. How nice that the knitting skills were passed back and forth between you. Your mom sounds like a lively soul and I wish her a very Happy Birthday too! Have a great day :) Wendy

  2. Happy Birthday Mama Curlerchik!

  3. Happy birthday to your dear mom. I especially like the knitting part of the story. :-)