Thursday, 28 March 2013

Happy Easter

I know I'm early, but we're leaving for the cottage tonight. We have a spiral ham with fresh pineapple and cheesy scalloped potatoes planned, and almost as important, our annual Easter Egg Hunt for the kids up there.

We weren't going to do it - thought the kids were outgrowing it. When I mentioned that at March Break, I was swarmed by a half dozen kids, begging us to keep doing it, so I relented. It's on.

It's not your normal egg hunt. We make these kids work. There are clues and compasses, and cross country trekking involved. My husband and I spend the morning setting it up, then the kids go off hunting, while the parents enjoy a cocktail or two and some snacks.

In past years, we've been told it's "too easy" by some cocky kids (ours included). So this year, it's on. Has anyone seen the TV show Canada's Greatest Know it All? Yup - it's going to be like that. The clues will required knowledge and skills. They will have to know math, and science and some other things. They will have to work together, because somethings will only be known by some of the kids.

They will learn - calling our work "too easy" is not a good idea...

I'll let you know how it turns out. Hopefully we don't lose any kids in the woods...


  1. It's always good to raise the bar when the kids think they've outsmarted you. Sounds like a great weekend ... don't forget their headlamps in case they're still working on it after dark ;)