Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Colour Affection done

I finished my silk Colour Affection. I love it. I love the silk, the colours, the shape, and I loved the process of knitting it.
Shape wise, It's very pretty - a gently arc, with long, tails.

All garter stitch, which I find beautiful in it's simplicity.

And colour wise - my favourites.

The problem? I look like a dork in shawls. I may be able to get away with this as a scarf like thing - we'll see. I also sewed a linen dress that matches the orange perfectly, but they don't look right together - the dress in not the right shaped for a shawl. This needs a flowy, sleeveless or strapless dress to work with, and I don't wear that style much.
This may or may not be for me - It may become a gift if the right reason comes along.


  1. I used to feel that I looked like a dork in shawls...esp. the heavily laced triangle ones that looked 100 years old. Shawls like this one are current and fashionable though! The key is to just throw it around your neck, and "own it". I usually wrap my shawls like a kerchief and tie at the front (or use a nice ring as a slide to hold the tails). Or just wrap it around...even my older triangle ones. I don't usually wear them with the point down the back unless I am actually cold, or trying to keep the sun off me. Your shawl is lovely, and I know you can rock it after giving yourself a breaking in period! :)

  2. You wear your shawl to the Frolic, I'll wear one of mine and we can go as Dork and Dorkier. I am right there with you on the dork factor with me and shawls.

  3. Yea, I hear you about the shawls. I'm still looking for the "right one".

  4. What if you wore it like a scarf instead of a shawl? I wear my shawls like scarves in winter :)

    It's gorgeous!

  5. The shawl looks gorgeous and very luxurious, and it would be a shame to file it away. I hope you can sort out which way to wear it to suit you best :) Wendy

  6. What Tracy says. Stand up tall and own it, just toss it over your shoulder and look like you love it and pretty soon you will feel weird without one.