Monday, 11 February 2013

Why I worked at home on Friday

We went from zero snow to this:

in less than 24 hours (and when all was said and done, there was more than 40 cm that feel in Aurora. Seems our little town was the big winner in the Southern Ontario snowfall competition.
My son stayed home from school (after texting his friends and finding out they were ALL staying home...), and my husband also worked at home. Bonus for me - they did most of the shovelling! My son was out four times during the day, that's how hard it was coming down.
The birds were less than thrilled:

But our bird feeder was a popular hang out.
Best part for me? Working at home means I got all my laundry done, freeing up the weekend. Of course, I also tend to surf the internet more, and spend more time on Facebook that I ever have (I finally got a cover picture in place). I also work with the kitchen TV on, and watch way more Food network than I should. My favourite is Bake with Anna Olson. She was making coffee cakes, which are a favourite of mine. OF course, this just made me add a few ingredients to the shopping list...
Butter Tart Coffee Cake anyone?
Or maybe a Raspberry Ricotta Buckle? (I made that one on Saturday - it's a keeper.)


  1. Butter Tart Coffee Cake! Are you kidding me! How Canadian is that! Discovered during a snow storm no less.

  2. thanks for the recipe links - I'm working from home again, since we got 36 inches of snow here in central CT, and now there's frozen rain coming down. If I make a grocery run later today, I'll have to get some ricotta, and sour cream !!

  3. Most of our snow has melted. There are still patches of it here and there, but not like yours.

  4. I am not loooooooking. lalalala. I love coffee cakes too. I was thinking about you this weekend, and hoping your power stayed on.

  5. Sounds like it was a nice day. cake sounds so good. I love coffee cake!

  6. We got hit with a lot of snow too! Hope you stayed warm!