Wednesday, 13 February 2013

To thank Susan

Susan not only provides me with crochet advice, she is also generous with yarns and other stuff. When we meet up )in Kitchener, at the Frolic...) she always seems to have "excess" yarns to give me. Mostly sock yarns, as she has gone off socks, and I still crank them out.
To thank her, (and to reduce my ridiculously large fabric stash), I made her a few bags and sent them off. (I had an ulterior motive - she uses grocery bags for her project bags, and if I'm going to be hanging with her at the Frolic in April, her knitting has to be properly attired...)
I can show these, because she already has them.

Truth be told, I also used her as a guinea pig while I was perfecting my lined zipper bag method, so hers are a touch wonky. She says they are okay, but I may have to replace those at some point...

I have gotten better at the zipper bags, and will be making more of them!
Looking at these now, I think I should have reversed the linings - put the green in the red bag and the red in the green. Whatever - the method works, and I'm happy with them.


  1. How "springy"! Especially compared the shot in your last post!

  2. She shall be known by her bags. At least at the frolic.

  3. Great bags! I like the contrasting fabrics. So cute! Do the zippers catch on the yarn?

  4. Properly attired knitting is VERY important! And pretty too