Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Super quick project

As you know (because I've gone on about it ad nauseum...) we have a cottage, and we try to get up there as often as we can. Unfortunately, we don't get there as much in the winter as we would like to, as the boy's basketball schedule precludes regular trips (games at noon on Saturday really cut into the time...) But when we get a long weekend (and add an extra day to it...) we take advantage. As we did last weekend, for the Family Day holiday here in Ontario.
While there, we tend to partake of the usual winter cottage activities:



being towed behind a snowmobile:


snowball throwing:
(what you don't see here is the pair of eager dogs waiting for the next snowball to be thrown for chasing!)

and of course, drinking. But we all know the trials and tribulations of outdoor drinking in winter - the beer can too easily slips out of bulky ski gloves or slippery knitted mittens. So when I saw a pattern for a cup holder mitten, I had to try it.
(Sorry for the indoor shots - when it was in use at the cottage, I wasn't taking pictures of it...)

Seems I have requests for about a half dozen more of these - more from the guys than the girls! The beer (or beverage of choice) sits snugly in the hole - no slippage, no dropping. The only problem is one might forget they are holding a full beer, and one might gesture with one's hand, or possibly, drop one's hand into a position of possible beer spillage. Not that one would know anything about this...


  1. This is both brilliant and oddly creepy...I think I'm imagining a hand inside shaped to match the mitt...kind of lobsteresque if you know what I mean.

    But then I don't drink beer so there's no accounting for my tastes or observations on consuming it...whatever, get a pattern up on Ravelry ASAP - you'll sell a million of 'em!

  2. Looks llike great weather for a winter get away. And the mittens are super cool.

  3. You mention seeing a pattern for a cupholder mitten...did you use that pattern, and if so, where is it? If not, and you created this yourself, quick, get it written up!!! Awesome!

  4. BWAHAHAHA! Now I must make one just for the novelty factor!