Friday, 1 February 2013


On Wednesday at Knit Night, I ended up coming home with 7 (SEVEN!!) more cuts of fabric. Really? Because why? I didn't have enough already? There's a world wide shortage of quilt fabric ends coming and I wanted to be prepared? It's a sickness and I can't stop...
But, they are super cute, and I'm going to keep them a secret for now - I picked up some perfect ones for Susan - she likes bigger project bags, and the colours and patterns I found are so HER. Then there's one perfect pattern for a regular blog reader. I could do a giveaway, but then what if I don't draw her name? And the fabric has her written ALL OVER IT. So I'm going to make some bags, and send them to her and pretend she won a giveaway on this blog, because I know she would enter anyway, but I don't want to leave it to chance.
The rest will be giveaways for all the other blog readers. I just have to figure out that damn time problem thing again...


  1. Sleep is overrated. Or you get a time machine. (It might even come with a hot Doctor.)

  2. I know; I bought (more) sock yarn...
    I'd suggest coming without our wallets but that could cause other problems.

  3. I think about the no wallet thing too, but I have a feeling my LYS would hold whatever it was for me till I visited again, and knowing me, I would never be strong enough to phone them back and tell them to put it on the shelf.