Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Quick addendum...

A few people were interested in the cup holder mitten from the last post. A two second Ravelry search will bring you to this - and it's a free Ravelry download.
Two nights in front of the TV, (during which I did a ton of other stuff, so it could be a one evening project...) and you'll have your own.
The only change I would make to my next one is the bottom - I'd change up the decreases so it wasn't as pointy, but that's a pretty small issue.

Just be careful who you show them to - I have requests to make quite a few more!

As a note - I used a lone ball of (I think) Paton's Classic Wool that I found in my stash, and 3.75mm needles, and made the size small. It just dented the ball of wool. I have pretty average hands (I've never been called "dainty"), and it fits great. It fit most of the guys that tried it on, but in some cases, I'd probably go to a medium. I have a ton a worsted weight odd balls that would be great for these. I'd stick to 100% wool though. I think any kind of acrylic or blend would stretch too much, and if you are holding a cold can on a cold day, I'm pretty sure a fake wool would provide zero insulation, so why bother? It takes so little, go for the good stuff!


  1. That is the most interesting project. Perfect for random bouts of ice fishing.

  2. That's a very interesting mitten. It sure would be great on a very cold day. I must have missed your original post about it because I don't remember ever seeing anything like that. Very cool! Happy knitting.

  3. That's pretty clever, but I don't know anyone who drinks outside in the cold.